Pet Travel Preparation

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Pet Travel Preparation

Pets are very perceptive as we know so the best way to keep a pet calm in the lead up to a move is stay relaxed yourself and go about your normal business. As the move gets closer there are some things that will help to ensure your pet is as well prepared as possible to enjoy a safe and comfortable flight.

Get a checkup at the vet to be reassured that your pet has a clean bill of health. While at the vet ensure all of the necessary vaccinations are up to date (Dogtainers can clarify which are relevant to your move). Pets that are well have no reason not to fly well.

Keep the vaccination records and other relevant information handy (not packed away). Often we will need to present this information to boarding kennels, government vets and departments and other relevant parties prior or during the move. Have your pet get used to something with a familiar scent. Something like an “old shirt” with a familiar scent is ideal to place into the travel crate for when your pet is travelling to give them sense of familiarity. Other things to consider getting ready to take with your pet is a soft toy your pet enjoys.

Have your pet acclimatize to the travel crate prior to travel? Having your pet get used to the travel crate in advance of the trip can assist them in being comfortable when the travel day comes. We recommend creating a positive environment around the pets travel crate. Activities like feeding, having toys and a blanket around the travel crate assists to create a positive experience. In most cases for international moves Dogtainers brings the travel crate out to your destination once the booking has been made as a part of our International Pets Fly Free guarantee. Speak to your Dogtainers consultant about this service.

A common question we receive, particularly from owners who believe they have an anxious pet is do we recommend sedation. The answer is no. Sedating pets travelling at the flying altitude is not a good mix. Sedated pets can become disorientated, dehydrated and have travel sickness. Clearly no pet owner would like any of these conditions to harm their pet let alone in an environment that they can’t control. If you are concerned that your pet may be an anxious traveler there are a couple of simple recommendations.

On the day of travel not please do not feed your pet within 6 hours of the intended travel day. This will help your pet avoid being travel sick.

Before your dog is collected give them a stretch of the legs. Dogtainers provide a walk when and where possible but nothing beats a run around before we come.

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