Domestic Pet Travel Services

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Domestic Pet Travel Quote

Domestic Pet Travel Services

We understand that the thought of transporting your pet can be a little daunting. Each day we chat to pet owners who can’t see leaving their beloved pet behind as an oprtion. We also talk to excited families who have decided to rehome a pet from a shelter interstate, or are eagerly awaiting a new pup from a registered breeder.

Regardless of the scenario, Dogtainers will work with you to tailor a solution to fit your unique circumstances. We treat your pets like they are our own, and have done so by transporting thousands of pets each year right across our great country.

To make this move as easy as possible for you and your pet, we will organise:

  • A dedicated pet travel consultant in your city
  • Specialist advice regarding the best preparation for your pet’s relocation
  • The most direct route available to your destination
  • Information surrounding the best travel crate size for your pet
  • Option to buy or hire a crate from our Airlines and IATA specified stock
  • Access to our temperature controlled pet travel vans, should you require collection or drop off

We have a range of options designed to ensure your pet is in the safest of hands, and that you as the pet owner in charge are feeling as reassured as possible throughout the entire process.

Our top two domestic pet transport FAQs

1. Is it safe?

Yes.We our proud of our animal welfare record. All decisions we make are based around ensuring your pets welfare. A company moving such precious “cargo” would not exist for over 40 years if we were not regarded for our welfare.

2. What’s it like for the pets?

Actually not to dissimilar to what we experience ourselves when we fly. The cabin is pressurised, the captain sets the temperature to a comfortable 18 degrees.

Want to know more? Learn about our Care Code

RSPCA Partner.

Dogtainers offices around New Zealand partner up and work with the RSPCA helping to reunite pets with people.

Members of IPATA

We are members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association), which ensures that we have trusted travel partners in every country of the world to ensure Any Animal, Anywhere, Anytime philosophy is maintained with the same high levels of care that we offer.